What if you had all of the benefits of a private divorce coach - without all the cost!

It sounds too good to be true...but it's not!!

Although every marriage & divorce are unique and deeply personal... 

The strategies needed to navigate the emotional minefield of divorce and to achieve your personal divorce goals are universal!
Almost every divorce involving children starts with the goal of keeping things amicable, unfortunately, over 90% of these divorces will turn nuclear within the first 90 days.

The problem is...there isn’t a lot of positive, forward-thinking divorce support out there...not to mention, going through a divorce is emotionally and financially draining. 

Even if you had access to a divorce coach...you may not have the time or energy to talk...sometimes you just want to feel understood without having to say a word!
That’s why I put my entire Nuclear To Nice 1:1 Coaching program online. You will have access to all of the training, support and strategies I provide my 1:1 clients...ALL from the comfort of your own home!

For only $499  249.00
Due to the current Corona Virus Pandemic the cost for the complete Nuclear To Nice Online program has been reduced to 249.00 Although this is a temporary price reduction...I will do my best to maintain this cost for the remainder of the year. 


having the advantage of years of amicable divorce experience and strategies available to you at your fingertips! Providing you with the insights needed to provide your children with the gift of an amicable divorce. 

Saving them from becoming one of those children of divorce who have every one of their holidays or the special moments in their lives turned into a stress-filled game of musical chairs...where they’re constantly juggling their time between you and your ex.

YOU Understandably...

Turned to family and friends for support! Unfortunately, you were met with divorce horror stories, worse case scenarios, one-off legal advice and constant reminders that an amicable divorce is not possible.

So you switched and did everything in your power to get you and your ex on the same page...but it seemed the more you tried to create an amicable divorce the more nuclear it became.

On top of all of that, you also had to manage the emotional minefield of divorce on your own, leaving you feeling as if you have the weight of the word and your children's future resting on your shoulders.

There's Another Way!!

Nuclear To Nice: Divorce Strategies That Work

  • The 12 week Nuclear To Nice 1:1 Coaching Program in an online format
  • ​Proven divorce advice and strategies available to you 24/7
  • Quick and efficient videos that support you but DO NOT take over all of your free time!
  • Continued support, coaching and Q&A's for as long as you need in the private FB community.
How would your divorce be different if you could:
  • Finally have advice and support from someone who actually succeeded in creating an amicable divorce for themselves and have helped countless others do the same
  • Predict and stop misunderstandings before they happen
  • Have a detailed understanding of the top 3 reasons most amicable divorces turn nuclear...and what you can do to prevent them from destroying yours.
  • Enjoy going to your children’s sporting events without dreading running into your ex.
  •  Learn tips and tricks to manage your emotions so they don’t manage you! 
  • ​Organize your thoughts in a way that keeps you clear and focused at your lawyers...allowing you to cut down on your billable hours!

 " I found this course so helpful in allowing me to realize I can control how I divorce. Kristine helped me see the bigger picture and get out of the headspace and the emotions that had been negatively affecting my daily life. The "New Original You" exercise helped me see my future and reconnect with who I was before I was married and got me excited about what’s next for me. "
Stephanie S, Spokane WA


  • Module 1: First Things First, is our introduction!! These first 2 videos let you catch your breath and get comfortable with the coaching format
  • 1.1 Divorce Redefined (4:47): In this video, we will define and then re-define what divorce means to you.
  • 1.2 The New Original You (10:40): We’re going to make sure you have the best of
  • 2.1 Seven Levels Deep (14:14): We’re going to use the “Seven Levels Deep” tool to identify your WHY behind the why. 
  • 2.2 Ideal Outcome (13:48): We’ll discuss the importance of focus and ensure that you have a crystal clear picture of what your future will look like. Where focus goes energy flows!
  • 2.3 Lock It In (6:04): We’re going to lock in your Ideal Outcome to ensure your mind has a powerful & detailed vision of the future to focus on.
  • 2.4 Support System (12:21): In this video, we will focus on taking things off of your plate vs adding more to it.
  • 2.5 Checking In vs Checking Out (13:45) In this video we will clarify the difference between a Happy Hour and a Check-In-Hour and the importance to schedule time for both.
  • 2.6 Stack The Deck (21:27) The way we cope with stress, frustration & anger can actually cause more stress, frustration & anger…damn it!! In this video, we will take the time to look for activities that will leave you feeling re-charged and hopeful vs defeated and drained

  • 3.1 Strategic Kindness (17:47) In this video we will talk about the biggest Needle Mover in taking a nuclear divorce back to nice!
  • 3.2 Roadblocks (14:47) Discover the key mind-shift you can make to ensure you’re in the drivers seat!
  • 3.3 Divorce Mantra (10:18) In this video we will go over the benefits of having a Divorce Mantra as well as a Shut Down Mantra to help you get out of conversations that started out constructive but have turned destructive!
  • 4.1 Marching Orders (15:07) It’s time to get you out there talking about your divorce goals. Friends and family members may think it sounds a little crazy at first, but after watching this video you’ll have a clear understanding of how having a Nice Divorce benefits you and the importance of informing your friends and family of your decision
  • 4.2 Friendly Reminders (15:24) Helpful strategies for ensuring your Divorce stays NICEly on track!
  • 4.3 Fine Tuning (8:58) In this video we’re going to wrap up the course covering the maintenance tips needed to maintain your amicable divorce for years to come.
Why Should You Trust Me?
I’ve been in your shoes...or at least pair of shoes similar to yours! It was right before my 40th birthday when my ex and I decided to divorce. I knew having an amicable divorce was what was best for our kids and he was on the same page...I was confident we would be one of the few couples to actually divorce amicably

That wasn’t the case...neither my ex nor I were prepared for the constant barrage of negativity and horrible advice we received. ​Everyone...family and friends, grocery store clerks to Lyft drives all had opinions to share and advice to give but none of it was helpful or focused on our actual goal of an amicable divorce. 

I was lucky in an unlucky way. I had seen the toll an incredibly nuclear divorce had had on the health of a close family member...The fear of losing my health, watching the lawyer bills pile up and knowing that an amicable divorce was what was best for my children motivated me to push through and find a way to make my goal of a Nice Divorce a reality.

That was over seven years ago and our divorce is as amicable as ever! Now I support others who want to do their absolute best to keep their divorce amicable by providing all the insights, strategies and advice I wish I had had when I was going through mine. 

I am so excited that you’re here!

Kristine created a safe place to share & reflect - gently nudging me towards a solution. She brings laughter and lightheartedness to a difficult situation. Her coaching style is encouraging, motivating and up-lifting. Most importantly, she helped me face my fear of change and the unknown, & gave me permission to take charge of my future.
-Madelene O, Canada

Hi There, I'm Kristine!
A Divorce Coach and Co-Parenting Strategist 

I never intended on becoming a divorce coach...much like I never expected my marriage to end in divorce. 

I watched first hand as my amicable divorce turned nuclear just a couple months after filing. I had nowhere to go for positive divorce support.

It took a lot of hard work and out of the box thinking, but I was eventually able to take my divorce from Nuclear back to Nice!!

Now I am honored to help others do the same!!

"Before finding this course I had attended 8 therapy sessions with no clear outcome of what to do next. That was definitely not the case here! This course left me feeling empowered with a lot of practical advice, strategies and more importantly action steps. From the very beginning of the course, I felt understood and greatly appreciated Kristine's openness and sincerity."

- Erica E.
 Alberta Canada

"I want to thank you for allowing me to participate in your Nuclear to Nice Program. I have been divorced for almost a year. I as a male did not feel that I warranted the need for working through the process of divorce. So, naturally, I did what most men do...nothing. I talked to others in my church and attended a couple of sessions of divorce care but the sessions were constantly focusing on the negative emotions of the divorce rather than reaching for the positive. Your course was a refreshing change and one that I wish I had taken at the beginning stages of my divorce. "

- Davis R
 Austin TX

"I have started the modules and just completed module one. I really enjoyed listening to your honest and caring tone. I can see why you are in the occupation you are. The module really made me self aware of who I was before the marriage and what I gave up to stay in the marriage. This module created the spark to redefine who I used to be and the willingness to bring that person back with favor and fortitude. "

- Austin B. 
San Marcos, CA

 This Course is Right For You If...
You are going through a divorce, considering getting a divorce or your divorce is final.

If you have children and are committed to putting their needs first.

You are tired of everyone telling you you’re crazy and that an amicable divorce is not possible.

You deserve positive, forward-focused support during your divorce process.

You genuinely want to have an amicable divorce but aren’t sure if it’s possible. 

You want to provide your children with a future where their birthdays, graduations and weddings are a time of celebration NOT stress!
I understand that you are going through one of the most emotionally and financially stressful times of your life!

One of my goals is to reduce your stress, not add to it. That’s why I’m offering a 30 - day money back guarantee. While I can’t guarantee your divorce will be amicable by the time you’re finished reading the Quick Start Guide, I can guarantee the insights and strategies you gain will provide you with valuable tools to help you achieve your divorce goals.

If you are not happy with your purchase, I will refund your money within 30 days of the purchase date.

Get a head start on your divorce goals today!
Does Your Soon To Be Ex Need To Have Access To The Materials?
NO! This support course is about giving You insight and strategies you can use to keep your divorce focused on a positive outcome...whether your ex is on board or not.
What if I have a lawyer?
If you have retained a lawyer or are planning to do so...the tools and strategies you learn in this guide will help you focus and manage your emotions allowing you to make the most of your time with them.
My Divorce is already final, will this still help?
Yes! Absolutely!! It’s never too late to improve upon your divorce or your co-parenting partnership!
Do you work with both men and women?
Yes! I am Pro-People! I cannot stress that enough! If you are looking for the support, strategies, and advice of a private divorce coach without all the cost, this program will be a game changer! 
Do you have to be going through a divorce to benefit from this guide?
NO! A lot of the strategies and advice you will receive can be applied to any relationship that is under stress…for example the stress of having been quarantined together for weeks on end…or the financial stress of losing a job or having your hours drastically reduced. So even if divorce is only in the back of your mind or something you think about from time to time this course can help.
What is an amicable divorce?
An amicable divorce is different for everyone! Every marriage is deeply personal and the same is true for your divorce. However, the strategies you can use to achieve your divorce goals are universal!
What if my ex and I are not on the same page?
That’s ok! It just takes one person to take the first step. You’ve got this!
Get the Strategies and Support that will make all the difference in the world!
The first step to achieving your amicable divorce is here...
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